Participants: François Medina

Role: Art direction | Character modeling, texturing, animation and rigging

Company: Portfolio

Year: 2017-2018

A showreel of 2017 and 18. Just to show what kind of portfolio I have.

Francois Medina | 3D Generalist Artist!

My name is François Medina and I’m really passionate about art and computer graphics. I love all aspects of 3D animation, from sculpting, texture, animation to motion capture clean up; always trying to find new ways to perfectionate the workflow and ease the life of my cooworkers.

I find the most inspired when learning from others and receiving constructive critics in order to excel in any given project.





Participants: François Medina, Mauro Rivera

Role: Vehicle modeling, texturing, rigging, animation | Assets modeling and texturing | Ground texturing

Company: iPassion ApS

Year: 2017



Vehicle Samples
Assets Samples
Asset Samples 02
Asset Samples 03
Ground Textures Previews
Textures Sample 01
Textures Samples 02


Textures Samples 03
Textures Samples 04
Textures Samples 05
Textures Samples 06
Textures Samples 07

The Assyrian

Participants: Mauro Rivera, François Medina

Role: Art direction | Character modeling, texturing and rigging | Environment modeling and texturing | Editing | VFX & postproduction | Storyboarding

Company: Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne

Year: 2017

Alyssa Gendroid Series 01

The Apple of Avalon Model


The Assyrian Key Scene
Environment Sample 01
Environment Sample 01 Wire
Environment Sample 02
Environment Sample 02 Wire
Environment Sample 03
Environment Sample 03 Wire
Environment Sample 04
Environment Sample 04 Wire
Environment Sample 05
Environment Sample 05 Wire
Environment Sample 06
Environment Sample 06 Wire
Environment Sample 07
Environment Sample 07 Wire
Environment Sample 08
Environment Sample 08 Wire
The Assyrian